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Gas is necessary to go about our everyday lives, generally being cheaper than electricity. It’s utilised in our hot water heaters, stove tops and all other sorts of appliances that make everday existence that much easier.

Despite its usefulness in everyday life, unknown/unidentified problems with gas connections and pipes have the potential to put you, and your loved ones, in danger. Whilst it’s often tempting to attempt to solve a problem yourself, gas is an incredibly dangerous substance, highly flammable and, therefore, unpredictable. Therefore it’s unsafe to attempt to solve a gas related problem on your own.

Instead, you should enlist the services of Local Plumbing Heroes, capable of dealing with any gas related issues. Employing one of our licensed experts, and removing yourself from the equation, ensures nothing can go wrong, a very real possibility when gas is involved.

So whether it’s an installation job, repairing a faulty connection, or dealing with a dangerous leak, our team should be at the forefront of your mind in relation to these jobs. Only our experts are capable of handling such matters with the delicacy and care needed for such operations. So contact us today regarding any gas related issues you’re facing.